We Shine Portsmouth
18-20 November 2021

This was an opportunity to submit an animation to a public event 'We Shine Portsmouth' a three day festival of lights in the City.

I created a 1:09min animation called 'The Community Collective' this was screened as part of a showreel each night from 5pm, projected on to a 200ft building at the end of Commerical Road, Portsmouth.

The animation is about celebrating the individual and varied voices within a community. 'Community' was the theme of the showreel, which was organiseed by 'In Motion Portsmouth'

And 'We Create Portsmouth'.

The characters were originally A6 lino prints which were then re-drawn using Procreate. The layers from Procreate were exported into MentalCanvas and animated into a sequence, then edited in Premiere Pro and finally exported as a 1290 x 1080p portrait mov.