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July 2022
Blended Learning

This is a real-life story about setting-up for a blended learning session when everything that can go wrong with technology did go wrong.


Drawn as a deep drawing, this shows the sequence of steps that had to be followed in order to get an imac with zoom to talk to an OWL and a large TV.

Drawn in Procreate in layers then depth and animation added via MentalCanvas. Sound added cia Premiere.

Sep 2021

This is an experiment with plasticine, adjusted in Procreate then turned into an animated GIF using MotionLeap

Oct 2021

This is an experiment using a lino print and adding moving elements via an app called Werble. There are many effects that could be layered together, so more experiments to come.

Oct 2021

Showing how mental canvas works on the iPad, the movement is very smooth and this can be exported as a MOV file

Oct 2021

More experiments with the app MentalCanvas. Drawing in 3D on the iPad. More planes can be added and then navigation is via finger swipes (this movie shows the layers)

October 2021
Busy Fools
This is an illustration drawn in layers in Procreate. I adapted and exported the layers as PNG files with transparency, then added them to Mental Canvas. This allowed me to build a sequence by placing virtual cameras. The final section is a recording of how the illustration works on an iPad when the viewer is able to move the layers themselves. Sound is added with Premiere Pro

August  - September 2021
Do Collages Move When You're Not Looking?

The experiment (right) contains a scanned collage that's adapted through Procreate and then assembled in AfterEffects. This is then edited in PremierPro and a short section using Werble is edited into the sequence. At this point the sound is indicative rather than deliberate.

September - October 2021
Do Collages Move When You're Not Looking?

I've also learnt how to use Audition, which is an amazing piece of software used for sound editing. It's fascinating trying to imagine what kind of noises drawings would make and how collages would sound if they could move. 

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