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4 x short animations made as AR content for the serial zine 'Future Fantasteek! No.21'. The animations are activated using the app ARTIVIVE when viewing the printed zine using a smartphone. The animations can also be viewed on this site.

The animated sequences are as follows:
1. Doom Scroll (1min)

2. Taut (2min:22sec)

3. Twitting About (16sec)

4. NO Party (57sec)

Doom Scroll (1min)

Future Fantasteek! No.20

These drawings were done using Procreate on an iPad. I took a photo and drew every-time
I was delayed on Southern Trains.
The announcement as to why we were late is included as hand-drawn type. These were edited together using Premiere Pro and Audition.

The final result was in the official selection 'First Time Filmakers' festival @Pinewood Studios, during 20 Dec - 03 Jan 2022

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